Cliff’s passion for photography started when he picked up his Father’s Canonet rangefinder camera in the late 60’s. He quickly moved to the SLR mode by purchasing a Canon F1 camera, which he made good use of for many years. He also used a medium format Mamiya 645 camera lugging it around on his travels.

There was a lull in his photography as digital photography was just starting up. Once Digital SLRs became affordable, he started his up passion by purchasing his first DSLR.

Cliff took courses in photography and the B&W darkroom process in the mid 1980’s. With the advent of Digital Photography, in the 1990’s, he discovered a program called Adobe Photoshop, which allowed him to work on photographs without having to deal with special setups and hazardous chemicals.

Two years ago, he took a couple courses from the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media program and liked it so much he decided to go into their Digital Imaging Certificate Program. There he learned about the cerebral part of photography, learning to visualize, seeing the world differently through the camera lens. His photography improved 10 fold. Today, he is in the final stages of completing his certification.

Over the past four years, Cliff placed regularly at the Maui County Fair’s Photo Salon Contest, last year (2012) taking first place in the open Color Division. This year (2013), his photograph was accepted to the Contemporary Photography in Hawaii 2013: The Fifth Annual Statewide Survey Exhibition.

Besides photography, Cliff enjoys traveling, eating sushi, and drinking wine. Coincidentally his mantra is:

Enjoy Life, Travel, Drink Wine and take Photographs!